Concept Three specialises in the manufacture of screens and partitions. We have our own in-house design team, and we are able to customise our product range to meet most client requirements.

Our product range is widely defined as follows:

• Frameless full-fabric screens in two different thicknesses
• Open-plan office solutions
• Aluminium-framed screens in three different thicknesses

Concept Three is now offering PET felt-type material as an economical alternative across our Screen Range. This material is produced in Cape Town from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This initiative will assist in reducing plastic waste in South Africa, rather than using similar imported products.

The current range of colours is light grey, charcoal and black. Additional colours will be introduced later, in ‘Sprite’ green, ‘Stoney Ginger Beer’ brown, and ‘Valpre’ blue.

Frameless full-fabric Screens

Our frameless full-fabric screens are available in 28mm and 22mm thicknesses, and can be used for floor- and desk-based screens. Linking capabilities are available. The screen can be made with certified acoustic core material as an option; certification documentation is available on request.

Our frameless solutions include floor-based curved screens.

Open-Plan Office Solutions (Latitude 2.2)

Our open-plan office solutions (called Latitude 2.2) include individual offices, office clusters, meeting rooms and privacy pods to a maximum height of 2.2 metres, in a combination of fabric, acoustic panels, Perspex, glass and/or decorative panels.

Aluminium-Framed Screens

Our aluminium-framed screens are available in three thicknesses, in silver (DX202), black or white powder-coated frames:

• Latitude – 50mm
• Compose - 24mm
• Duo - 19mm

Latitude and Compose can be used for floor- and desk-based screens, as well as for screen-based furniture. Duo screens are only available as desk-based.

Screens can be customised using different fabrics, acoustic panels, Perspex, glass, decorative metal panels and white board. We also offer utility rails, slat walls, power panels/poles and cable management trays/baskets as part of our solution.

Concept Three’s screen extrusions and joining blocks are design registered.