Concept Three, a Cape Town based company, commenced business in March 2006. We are a boutique screen manufacturer offering an extensive range of office screening solutions, which include desk-based, floor-standing and acoustic screens.

Our range comprises frameless full-fabric and aluminium-framed screens, in varying thicknesses. This enables us to offer a wide range of screen-based solutions in your choice of finish:

• Frameless full-fabric screens (28mm or 22mm thick)

• Aluminium-framed screens (Duo 19mm, Compose 24mm or Latitude 50mm)

• Mobile fabric and whiteboard screens

• Cube workstations

• Zoom booths

• Space dividers

• Stand-alone offices

• Meeting rooms

• Home Office

All our screens are custom-made to suit individual requirements. This ensures that whatever your needs or circumstances, we can make our screens to suit you.