Who We Are

Concept Three is a specialist screen-manufacturing business. We are an entrepreneurial company that embraces the spirit of empowerment and transformation, and we aim to give previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to participate in and grow with the organisation.

We believe that our employees are our greatest assets, and we have created a work environment which is pleasant and where staff morale is high. This results in a workforce that is motivated, well rewarded, and we have very little absenteeism and attrition.

Concept Three has been in business since 01 March 2006. Our core business is the manufacture and sale of a screening system. This screening system comprises four ranges of product to accommodate the different needs of our clients and of the market place. Our speciality is the provision of solutions for call centres, walk-in centres and screen-based offices that are cost-effective, innovative and flexible.  We have recently enhanced our product range to cater for Covid screens.

As a company, we are striving towards being as ‘green’ as possible and consciously look for reusable raw materials, more efficient production systems, and recycling of waste. We choose to use water-based glue, flame resistant fabric, powder-coating over anodised metal and PET recycled fabric where possible. We are conscious of our amazing planet and our impact on it.

Our differentiation in the marketplace is customer service:

  • We have a solid product range, which evolves in line with market trends and customer requirements;
  • Our pricing is competitive;
  • Our quality is excellent;
  • We deliver on time;
  • We are the “A-Team”.
Concept Three